#17 - The Strength of the Lord: A Youth's Perspective

A discussion with a young woman, Olivia Taylor, on finding strength from the Lord during tough times.

#16 - Finding Hope in these Difficult Times

A message from President Kim Keller on Finding Hope.

#15 - President Nelson discussion

A discussion with Matthew Folwer, President Keller, and Lyndi Bower about President Nelson's talk from October 2020 General Conference.

#14 - Great Expectations

Jim Crockett, Lisa Nichols, and Jayme Danner explain how to manage external and internal expectations.

#13 - Mental Health: Finding Healing in the Dark

Dana and Autumn Stringam explain how to learn to use the Atonement and other positive tools to find healing through the darkness of mental health.

#12 - Mental Health: Always Seeking the Light

How Meg Roberts learned to seek the Light while in the darkness of mental health.

#11 - The World is in Need of Hope

A message from President Stucki on Hope.

#10 - What Christmas means to Me

A special Christmas message from President Bower.

#9 - In the Footsteps of Christ: Feeding Nampa

Dan Mangeac is the pastor at Good News Church and has helped create the Good News Pantry in effort to help the people on the North end of Nampa.

#8 - Seeing the Hand of God in Our Lives (Part 2)

How we can see the hand of God in changes we didn't expect or want, with Rachel Strong.

#7 - Seeing the Hand of God in Our Lives (Part 1)

How we can see the hand of God in changes we didn't expect or want, with Braden Lungren

#6 - The Blessings of Seminary

The Skyview Seminary council shares how Seminary helps find hope as a teenager today.

#5 - The Mission:
Finding The Spriritual Path (part 2)

How Reinhard Shuster realized God never left him alone, even during the difficulties of Vietnam.

#4 - The Mission:
Finding the Spiritual Path (part 1)

Brother Widdison talks about his personal experiences finding his own Spiritual Path.

#3 - Hope through Revelation

Finding Hope in our lives through revelation with Stake Patriarch Monte Schlerf and his wife Melissa.

#2 - Blessings of Covid-19

Reactions to Covid-19 from the wives of the Stake Presidency.

#1 - Hope Through Adversity

Hope in our times through our Stake Presidency's experiences.